Sandra C. Aldridge, LMT

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Before Your First Treatment

When you arrive for you initial treatment you will be required to complete and Confidential Health Intake Form.   Completing a proper intake is necessary to ensure that the client is receiving the best care possible.  Included on the intake description of our policies that must be signed before treatment can take place.  These policies are listed below:

Consent to Treatment/Release of Medical Information/Policy Agreement

I understand the risks of Massage Therapy. I am aware that some medical conditions may make treatment inappropriate or require a referral from my primary health care provider. I authorize the release of medical information necessary for insurance processing and treatment specific to my needs.

I understand that massage therapists do not prescribe medical treatment or medications, make diagnosis or perform bone manipulation. I am aware that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care. I understand that massage therapy is manipulation of only the soft tissues of the body with the intent to reduce stress, relieve muscular tension, increase circulation and decrease pain.

I understand that the massage therapist reserves the right to refuse or discontinue treatment according to contraindications, noncompliance with ethical codes or sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated under any circumstances. I understand that the therapist reserves the right to terminate the massage session at any time and demand payment for entire time scheduled if any sexual misconduct occurs.

I have disclosed all medical conditions to the best of my knowledge. I understand that massage therapy affects the body as a whole making it imperative that I am honest and thorough when relaying my medical history. If any changes in my medical history occur I will notify the therapist before my next therapy. I agree to communicate with the massage therapist about any concerns I have or if I feel my well being may be compromised. I understand that failure to communicate with the massage therapist will result in no liability on the part of the massage therapist.

Cancellations – If a client cannot keep their appointment we ask that they please let us know as soon as possible so we can accommodate other clients.

No Call/No Show - If a client does not show up to their scheduled appointment without calling to cancel they will be charged a No Show Fee. The first time the fee is half the cost of the scheduled treatment. The second time the fee is the full cost of the scheduled treatment. This fee is due before future services are rendered. If there are 3 or more occurrences the client will be asked to prepay for all future scheduled appointments.